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Rocket Energy Services provides customers with an innovate solution for clearing fouling debris from tubes used in many applications.


We take time to get the tube dimensions, material type and lengths prior to each project to ensure the right lance is used for each job. We will bring an wide assortment of lance tips to custom fit the lance rig for each job whether it is completely blocked and needs to be cleared of it needs to be polished for inspection.


Our flex lance system can support up to 40,000 PSI and can be used on many tube applications such as: Tube and Shell Exchangers, Fin Fan Tube Bundles, Boiler Tubes, exterior of tube bundles plus much more.


Our technicians take the time to run all excess water in a closed loop system and contain runoff. This keeps the work area cleaning while also prevention containments from going to the ground.


Contact us to get in touch with our operations managers who will provide a turn key solution.

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